Thursday, 29 October 2009

What a day! *sigh*

Oh what a day to start blogging here! Early in the morning, i went to class & suddenly my friend told me, "Today no class lah! Class been used for re-sit exam". Sigh.....then I went to a secret place (sorry, it's too dangerous to be reveal) & I has been chase out because I am an outsider. Sigh(again).....and then i went to Centre Point looking for party mask for Masquerade on Friday. And 2 of my "good" friends bring to a shop where they sell Doremon, Ultraman & Winnie the Pooh mask only. Sigh(againX2).....I'm looking for a Masquerade mask, folks! Not a birthday party mask! Later, i went to Karamunsing cause everyone told that Karamusing have a shop that sells party stuffs only. Excited, right? NO! What i found is, girl's mask only! Sigh(againX3)...then I went to my High School to hang-out with my friends But they all went home! So I'm all alone. Sigh(againX4)...its ok, i can walk back to my house but problem is, its start raining. Sigh(againX5)...and I think i should stop here cause I don't think u want to know what happen later at night. It's too brutal! To be continued!