Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This funny conversation happened on last Saturday between me, the dishwasher (a Sabahan) & the female waitress (a Filipino). 

Waitress: "Is Sabah a nice place?"

Me: "Yes, of course! We are the most beautiful state of whole Malaysia."

Waitress: "Really? What do you have in Sabah?"

Dishwasher: "Many. We have coffee, tea, cocoa, and many more!"

Waitress: "Wow, you have beach there?"

Dishwasher: "Of course lah! Everywhere have bitch bah!"

Me: "*laughing* Ya, and motherfuckers too!"

Dishwasher: "What else you want to know?"

Waitress: "*continue on setting up table without saying a word*"

Sunday, 2 October 2011

"Young, alone, hungry & broke!"

I have been being in a dilemma mode for quite a long time now, since I was here in Singapore. So many things happened & happening and I couldn't make up a clear mind about my future here. 

I'd always wanted to have my practical in Singapore. Once I get it, I was in ecstasy. Dream came true for me! But when I was first here, I realised that Singapore is not the place where my heart should be. Home is the place. I miss home a lot!! 

And before this, I planned to continue on working in this restaurant where I am having my practical at now, even though I don't really enjoy the cooking style of this cuisine, but for experience. Problem that is, the business in this restaurant is so unstable. The business dropped so drastically & most of the time, this restaurant is empty. Only once in awhile the restaurant will be full house. I don't want to work in a empty restaurant for the next 2 years.

Have to use these 3 months to think of what I should do next.