Thursday, 19 May 2011


True friend will never leave you alone. 
True friend will always be there for you. 

When the whole world gave up on you, your true friend will fight for you. 

When you gave up on yourself, your true friend will help you to stand up. 

When you are dying on yourself, your true friend will go through Hell to pull you back up.

When you lost your mind, your true friend will guide you through.

When the darkness is everywhere, your true friend will bring you a candle.

When there is hope, your true friend willing to die for you just for you to live.


That is what true friend means.
That is what true friend for.

I'm lucky to found mine! Have you?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"Life of a MALE Praying Mantis!"

You know what, being a male Praying Mantis is so god-damn pathetic! When they finished mating with the female Praying Mantis, the female will snaps the male's head off his fucking body & start EATING it!! Not only the head, but the whole fucking body!!

You know why? Because after mating, the female Mantis will stay in a place & will not come out until she lays her eggs. So, she is some sort of hibernating. To survive the hibernating, the female need to have a lot of PROTEIN in her body. And, male Mantis is FULL of protein. 

So, this come to the female mantis mind, "This dickhead got whole packs of protein in his body, why don't I eat him so that, I don't need to look for my food for my hibernation!". 

So, right after the male pull his dick out, and the female will turn around & break the male head with her mighty hand(??). And no waste of time, the female start eating the male's head and, the whole fucking body. When job done, female hibernating & lay her eggs. 


Every Praying Mantis born into a broken family!!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

"Here comes my 101th post: Explanation!"

What should I explains? About yesterday.

Here's the story. Me & my college classmates were having a picnic party at the beach & might be our last gathering before we off to our job training. I won't say that was a farewell party but it was more like a party where we all celebrate for our success in the college & the fact soon we are in the real world.

During the party, these two girls (yes, you know who you are) talked to me &  asked me to do something. Won't tell much what it was, and for what, but it is actually a "hi" & 'bye" issue. Don't get confuse, it is just a simple greeting & a simple farewell. 

Here is my say to both of you. I know that both of you wishing & hoping to see & hear what you wanted from me. I've tried too. I really do tried, so hard! My hope & wish are just like yours but I can't do it. Not I am mean or scared but I just can't. I am too tired of trying & I am too tired of doing every of these alone. I am the only one who is trying since not long after the start of this. I already had enough of the pains from this. I am just an ordinary human with my own weakness & breaking point. 

And more than that, I have my own reasons behind everything I am doing. If both of you ever wear my shoes, you will understand. But because I am wearing a size-12 shoes, you will never fit in. Therefore, you will never understand the difficulties of finding a shoes as big as that. 

I hope you can understand what I mean. If that is something how it looks like, just let it be. We just hope one day, the sky will be clear. But for now, I still trying to get the cloud off the sun. 

I'm not mean. Just tired. 

And I love you both!!!

"4 simple things & this is my 100th post"

I was tagged by Pammy!

So, this is a survey game & something more & less like it. It is a contest actually but I don't feels like I want to join into any contest. So, I just do this for fun. But of course to anyone who read this, you can do it as you like. 

The contest is all go back to this link. All the rules & regulation, terms & conditions are in there. And if you think you want to join the contest, better be fast. Closing date is today. The contest is in Malay by the way.

So, let's go:

1) 4 Perkara Describe About Yourself (4 things that can describe about you)
- I am tall.
- I have thick brows.
- I love cooking.
- I’m a gentle giant (this is what most people told me).

2) 4 Nama Manja Kamu (4 cute names of yours)
- Addy.
- Teacher
- Sing Sing
- Chef Addy

3) 4 Perkara Baik Yang Kamu Buat Hari Ini (4 good things that you did today)
- I don’t even know what I’ve done. Um…cook brunch for my parents.
- Answering this so that Pammy will be happy.
- I’ll leave this blank.
- And this too.

 4) 4 Tempat Yang Nak Sangat Pergi (4 places that you really want to go)
- Labuan.
- Singapore.
- France.
- London.

5) 4 Benda Wajib Bawa Bila Keluar (4 things that you MUST bring when going out)
- Hand-phone
- Wallet
- Lip Moisturiser.
- Medallion, given by my big brother.

6) 4 Perkara Terakhir Kamu Buat Sebelum Join Contest Ni (4 things that you did before joining this contest)
- Read Pammy’s post.
- Watch Hell’s Kitchen.
- Social Networking.
- Cook & eat.

7) 4 Orang Paling Kamu Sayang Di Dunia Ini (4 People you love the most in this world)
- My parents + my pets.
- My friends.
- My Kembar.
- All my cousins, nieces & nephews.

8) 4 Jenis Ragam Manusia Kamu Jumpa Hari Ini (4 different types of people that you met today)
- A loving mother of 3.
- A strong father of 3.
- Leave this blank.
- Leave this blank.

9) 4 Misi Yg Mesti Kamu Capai Dalam Tahun Ni (4 missions that you must achieve this year)
- Go to the place I want.
- Get my desired place for my job training.
- Be less stressful.
- Be shinning!

10) 4 Habit Buruk Kamu (4 bad habits of yours)
- I am a fiery person in the kitchen.
- I am a perfectionist when it is come to my cooking
- I curse a lot.
- I can’t do every single thing that people want & hope me to do.

11) 4 Perkara Yang Kamu Fobia (4 phobias of yours)
- Balloons. I scared of the pop actually.
- Be distrusted.
- Cockroaches.
- Dreamt of something that will never happen in real life. Dreaming something you really want in real life but you know you can never get it is another stab in the heart.

12) 4 Sebab Join Contest Ni (4 reasons joining this contest)
- I was tagged by Pammy.
- Bored.
- Looks fun.
- It is nice to let the others to know what I think.

And the end!

And as I mentioned on my post title, this is my 100th post in this blog. I have been blogging since February 2009 & this is my only 100th. Very slow for a blogger like me. 

Before this, I don't like blogging. I started up a blog just because Blogger is one of the hottest stuff during that time. Don't wanted to be left-out, I've created one for myself. And I have none one idea how this works & what to blog. I abandoned my blog for a loooooooooooong time before I get the idea & love blogging.

My 100th post should not be this post. It should be on my previous few posts. But I deleted some of my post in this blog for some good & bad reasons. 

But whatever it is,

Happy 100th post to me!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

"Stressful Thursday!"

Things that I am so stressful about:

1. Last exam paper on tomorrow.
2. Preparation for my class picnic.
3. My best friend's boyfriend is breaking up with her.

Dude, listen here, GO FUCK YOURSELF UP!!! The worst reason of breaking up is religious difference. If you love you religion so much & can't accept her religion, why you want to get with her at the first place? You happy to see her cry for you? What kind of man are you? 

And your parents should get some fucking lives too other than controlling your each step. Your mother fucking against you from seeing her & you father fucking forbid you from being with her. Why don't you just fuck your mum & blow you dad out? That's some fucking lives for 3 of you!

We never meet before & I know I am wrong insulting you here but come on, can't your nuts think of something more wiser than just fucking say, "I love you but I can't be with you because of my parents & religion". Your mama still breastfeed you? Or your religion give you RM500 Billions & telling you not to be with this girl because she is opposite of your belief? 

You fucking dickhead is a no-brainer! 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"And I missed-out something from my previous post"


And of course by shooting down Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, will not  stops the terrorism & al-Qaeda completely. His death might will make the organisation even stronger & more terrorising. But at least for now, the mastermind is gone & at least some justice for the family who lost their family through the 9/11 & war. 

There is no clear winner in a war

"Osama bin Laden is dead!!"

The hottest topic for these few days must be "The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton". I was so annoyed by this wedding just because EVERYBODY is talking & watching about it. Like, so what if they are getting married? YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEIR GUEST OF HONOUR!!! And all the girls like, " prince of charm getting married on tomorrow//today/in hours/now!!". Come on, get a boyfriend!!

But whatever it is, I still want to say my congratulation to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

And move on to yesterday, the world just getting more awesome with the news of "The Death of Osama bin Laden". Who is he? 

I remember when I was 10-year-old, exactly when 9/11 happened. I went to school the day after 9/11 happened. One of friend came to me & said to me did I watch the news about the twin tower on yesterday. I said yes, and he replied me, "Good! Did you see how our hero did? Osama bin Laden is our hero. My hero. And the hero of all Muslim. The real fighter of Islam!!". 

Is he mad??

For my understanding during that time (FYI, I learned Islamic Studies in my primary school with one of my ustaz), Islam never taught anyone to sacrafice themselves to kill anyone. And for this case, the peoples inside the twin tower were all innocent civilian. Isn't that a much more bigger sin?? 

Okay...I don't want to say more about this because I am not a Muslim & what I have said above might be wrong....for some. And then, I logged in into my Facebook just now & I saw this shared link on my Newsfeed. 

So, it is a confirm for Osama's death & HE IS NOT A MUSLIM WARRIOR!!

Some said America is just too busybody for disturbing someone's politic & organisation. Some said America is trying to conquer the Middle East. Some said America is trying to the be superior of the world & whatsoever. 

Yes, every of these might be true. You know, human needs & wants never has limit but try to think this way, if America never fight with the Taliban, never fight with al-Qaeda, will our world still as peaceful as we have now?

For me, the answer is a BIG FUCKING NO!! Terrorism & death will be everywhere. Our land will be rob (even we are now by some of the high .......), everyone will be force to be terrorist, kidnapping, killing & blah blah blah. 

So, be grateful for what we have now & pray for the one who lost their family from this war. Bless everyone & make love, not war!