Who am I?

Hello, mankind! My name is Adrian Mak Wei Sing or better known by most people as Adrian Mak. You may call me Adrian or Addy & no others! Born in June 1991 & born in a happy family of five. I'm the youngest in the family. 

I studied at Asian Tourism International College, the place where I took Diploma in Culinary Arts. I'm working as a chef and currently living in Singapore. I'm working as a Demi Chef de Partie in Casa Verde @ Botanic Garden.

Cooking is my blood, baking is my flesh & knife is my soul. Being a chef is tough & being a chef is much more than what you can think of. As a chef, you need to have/be a tough-ass, high-spirit, high pressure-killer, fast-hands, strong-mind, high in self-confidence, independent, good team-player & 51% motherfucker, 49% son of a bitch to survive the kitchen. No joke! Being a chef is not about the name, glamour & fame but it is all about life.

I am a HUGE cat lover! I love every cat I found. I will carry, caress, cuddle & start kissing them without knowing where they come from, who is their owner or are they clean. I have 2 dogs & a cat. My dogs love my cat & my cat annoyed by my dogs. 

Purple colour is my favourite. The most delicious food I ever had in my entire life is my mummy's cooking. Lukewarm water is my favourite beverage. I am also a vegetables lover! 

Just another ordinary man.