Monday, 7 March 2011

Tips of the day

How not to cry while chopping/slicing/mincing/dicing/
crushing/peeling an onion?

1. After peeling, freeze the onion for 5 minutes.
2. Blow air towards the onion while you chopping it.
3. Breathe through your mouth, not your nose
4. Chew something in your mouth. Example, small piece of bread, chewing gum or even your own tongue.
5. Chop it as fast as you can.
6. Wear a swimming goggle (Warning: You might be look very silly by doing this. And remember to take a photo, post it & tag everyone you know in Facebook).
7. Ask someone else to chop the onion for you. No mess, no tears!

Dos & Don't:
Do smile, do use a sharp knife & DON'T CRY!!

A real man don't cry over a football injury. A real man only cry over a broken heart!

                                    Quote by: 
Teacher Missah Michelle Yabis-Sigar, a hardcore Reds!