Thursday, 30 September 2010


"Goodbyes are long,
Goodbyes are sad;
With all those memories & I miss that.

Goodbyes are long,
For our life this short;
For something happened that never occur in my thought.

Goodbyes are long,
I wasn't there for a last goodbye;
Just make me realise my love for you will never die".

Remember the post that I told you that they having relationship dilemma? Well, they've just ended their relationship. This is the brutality of love. Learn from mistakes & start new life.

Just a simple poem written by me for both of you. Bless you both!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Oreo Cheesecake

I've made Oreo Cheesecake today. If you are an Oreo & cheesecake lover, this going to be your lucky day (if you able to make it yourself). This recipe is from a recipe book I bought few months back. It's a whole book about cheese. I did modified some of the recipe & ingredients.

My tips, when you're making/baking dessert from a recipe book, never follow 100% from it. Normally, it will lead you to make/bake over-sweet dessert. Make/bake with your experience, with your feeling & always REDUCE the amount of sugar!

The recipe below is my own recipe;

Oreo Cheesecake Recipe

Crumb Base
200g Chocolate Oreo Cookies (remove the cream & blended into powder)
70g butter (melted)

250g cream cheese (soften)
250g ready-to-whip/topping cream (please don't use cooking cream)
300ml water
15g gelatine
6 slices of Oreo cookies (roughly crushed)
30g of Oreo cookies's cream

1. Ready a 7-inch Springform pan (Click on the link for more information).
2. Crumb base: In a bowl, pour melted butter onto blended Oreo cookies powder & mix well. After mixing, pour the mixed crumbs onto Springform pan, spread & press hardly (make sure you do this because you don't want the base to break-up). Put in freezer for 30 minutes.
3. Cake: Whip the cream until fluffy & creamy. Refrigerate for awhile.
4. In another bowl, beat cream cheese & cookies's cream until fluffy.
5. Boil gelatine in water (make sure you boil it until it completely molten). Once cold, pour in the gelatine into the cheese mixture & beat well. Pour in whipped cream & beat well-but-don't-over-beat.
6. Put in crushed cookies crumbs into the cheese mixture & mix well. Pour the mixture on top of the frozen crumbs base.
7. Refrigerate in refrigerator for 5 hours or until it's harden. If you are too hungry, freeze in freezer for 2 hours & thaw for 30 minutes before serve.

The result. Sorry for the crappy pic. This is just a prototype.

In the recipe book, it should use whip-cream (taste-less). But I mistaken & bought ready-to-whip cream which already sweetened. But actually, using ready-to-whip cream is much more easier because you can control the sweetness of the cake. And please make sure you boil the gelatine until it's molten completely. Another easy way to do it is, before boiling, soak the gelatine with 300ml water for few minutes & blend the gelatine together with the water until it blended completely. This method is much more easier & faster. Good luck & enjoy trying.

Oh...and I have fix the commenting problem. Before this, peoples can't comment my posts because of God only know why. But you don't have to worry now. It's fixed & feel free to comment & ask me stuff. But no craps, please!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday night dinner

I went out with my parents to have dinner. But before that, we went to my grandma's house. We brought her food, watching Astro (I don't have Astro in my house) & chatting. After that, we went to Tg. Aru to have dinner but unfortunately, the parking lot over was full. So, my papa changed the plan & go to Funky Town at Damai Plaza. The first time we went there. Funky Town can be consider as western restaurant but they serve local food too. The first thing attracted my attention was the design of the restaurant. Nice & warm-looking. The second thing attracted me was the employees there. Everyone working there was Filipino. The only persons that's not Filipino was the owner, his wife & his daughter. Let's start with what we have ordered. I ordered Spaghetti Bolognaise & Iced Lemonade, my papa ordered Fish & Chips & Fresh Brewed Coffee & my mummy ordered Lamb Chop & plain water. They served our food really fast. We just waited for 5 minutes & the foods was served. And it served hot!

My Iced Lemonade. Basically, it is Lemon Lime Soda + lemon juice. RM4.50.

My Spaghetti Bolognaise. The Tom Yam Spaghetti I had on yesterday still the best. RM9.90.

My papa's Fish & Chips. RM10 something.

My mummy's Lamb Chop. RM13.90.

After we finished our dinner, we head home. When we reached home, I ran straight to toilet. I have a not-so-happy stomach today. I think it's because of the food i ate on yesterday open house. I hate diarrhoea!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife is so (freaking) dead AWESOME!!!

Today, I went-out with my Kembar & my kakak. So, me & my kakak arrived at Centre Point around 1100 something & once again, my kembar coming late. She's arrived almost 1300. And we had our lunch at Secret Recipe (FYI, this is the first time ever I eat there. Normally when I'm there, I'll only drink). And I saw my old-friend from high school. He's working there & he said he's going to start study around October. Good luck to him! Back to the story, I ordered Tom Yam Spaghetti, my kembar ordered Prawn Mac & Cheese & my kakak ordered Chocolate Brownie. I like the Spaghetti a lot. Something what I like, a fusion dishes. Thai & Italian cuisine. My kembar's Cheese Macaroni was filled with lighty-melted Mozzarella cheese & explosive flavour of prawn. I must try that next time. And my kakak's Brownie was OK & chocolaty. But Brownie are not my type of dessert. After eating, 3 of us just being crazy, talked about life & chatting. And the topic both of them always talked with were hot dude, half-naked dude & dude without chest hair. And they never care about my feeling because in their eyes, I am a girl!

Tom Yam Spaghetti. The sauce might looked pale but it packed with flavour.

This is when my Kembar (left) talking about hot dudes with my kakak (right). Look how intense she was!

And after eating, we were running to the cinema hall because we only got 5 minutes left. Thankfully, we managed to make it right on time, seconds before the movie started. We've watched Resident Evil: Afterlife. The story was so freaking AWESOME!!!! It actually more than I have expected. Because when I saw the trailer, I thought the storyline in Afterlife will be different from the previous 3. But the movie proved I'm wrong. Nothing much I can say about this movie here. You can only know the story if you watch it yourself & watched the previous 3 movie for you to truly understand the movie. And I'm surprised that my Kembar also a Resident Evil fans. But poor my kakak because she doesn't know a thing & she scared of zombie a lot. She almost break my arm when the zombie creeping-out from the sewage tunnel. And what peoples said about this movie was right, RE: Afterlife really do look-like Matrix during the gun fight scene & the slow-mo effect. But it still awesome and there's definitely a sequel. Can't wait for that but it's going to be another long long wait again.

To all the Action & Zombie Freaks out there, this is 2010 must-watch movie! 5 out of 5.

And after the movie ended, my Kembar wanted to watch another movie but sadly, my kakak couldn't join us for the second movie because her father going to fetched her home. So, left me & my kembar only. And we have decided to watch Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore. Then after we bought the tickets, we still have around 50 minutes before the movie starts. So, my kembar bring me to Yogur Berry & eat our favourite Fruit Yoghurt Ice Crush. It is my favourite because I only ever eat that & today was my only second time I have visited Yogur Berry. Hahahahaha. I had a lot of fun at that time because I can have a nice chat with my Kembar after a long long time. We don't have any secrets among each other, so we talked about everything.

The Fruit Yoghurt Ice Crush.

Because of the nice long chat, we totally forgotten about the movie. We ended up 15 minutes late when we reached to the hall. There hall was so empty but the movie was rolling! There's less than 10 persons in there. After few minutes later, I have no idea where the heck those pilaks & anak-anak pilak goes in to the hall. They were so freaking noisy. The stepped on the floor hardly, kicking the seats & talked loudly as the hall was their home. But yet, I'm just act cool & nothing happen since my Kembar not complaining anything. I was a little lost with the movie because I did not watch the first movie of it. But the movie was nice. Very funny & all the cats & dogs were cute. And a pigeon name Seamus was so dumb & silly. But he's cute too. I need to watch part 1 of the movie so that I can understand more. And there's also definitely a sequel for it.

If you know there full story, worth to be watch. 4 out of 5

And after the movie ended, me & my Kembar were walking around. I want to find something very important & my kembar was helping me. But unfortunately, I didn't found what I want. I saw it but it didn't catch my eyes. Still looking for that important thing. And then, my Kembar have to go home. So hard to say goodbye to her but still have too. But soon, we'll going-out together again & listen to her story about how hot the dude she saw last time.

After saying goodbye to my Kembar, I continued my search to the important thing in Wawasan. But still, luck is not on my side at that time. So, I decided to find it other place in other time. Better luck for me! I waited for my papa to fetched me up & straight to my mum's friend's open house. I waited quite a long time. When they arrived, we went to the open house & had some food. Not much food has been served, not as fancy as 5-stars restaurant but what I know is, all the food was cooked by the owner's wife. She needed to cook for around 80 pax. Last time when I have to cook for 18 pax, I almost died! She's really good, I'm impressed!

And the most important is, I had a lots of fun today. And I won't give-up easily until I found what I want. Oh...for our friend that invited 3 of us to go to her open house, so sorry we didn't show up. There's reason behind it. First, we already planned to go out together on today & second, we don't know where is your house. On behalf of 3 of us, so so so so sorry! Don't mad on us. Selamat Hari Raya! MAAF Zahir & Batin...=)

Friday, 17 September 2010

The movie should have watch a month ago... "The Expendables". I really wanted to watch it while it still on cinema but sadly, my love watched it with her family & no other else really want to watch it with me. So, all I can do is wait & wait some more until today. Finally, I got it (and please don't ask me where I get it).

Cut the crap & to the review, shall we? Well, for me, the movie are very bloody. The movie definitely not suitable for kids & even some adults. For example like; you have high blood pressure or history of heart attack. But whatever it is, this movie is not bad. And it did give me the kick I want & I like all the action stars in there. But please Sly, next time when you're chopping someone's head off their neck or your man blow someone's torso against the wall, please for the love of mankind, give us some warning! Thank you! 4 out of 5.

All the big names. If there's really sequel, I will be watching.

Oh...remember the post I've posted about the couple who have relationship dilemma? I just got to know that they have put an agreement to take a break for a month. After a month later, they will decide what to do next. So, what we can do now is wait until one month later. I don't really want them to separate because both of them are the people that I know. Of course I want everyone I know in my life to live happily but like what I' have said before, sometime, thing can get out of your own hands. Just bless them & their relationship. Hope it will never happen on me.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

During Malaysia Day

Nah...I won't blog about the history of 16th of September. I will blog about what happened in the morning just now. Some peoples from some association came to my house to sent some moon cake to my family. And because they came to my house, we must prepare something for them to chew on while they are here. So, my mummy asked my aunt to make some kuih & cake. I like one of the kuih which is Pumpkin Onde-Onde. The kuih was so nice! Soft yet chewing, flavourful & not too sweet. I should pay a visit to my aunt & ask for the recipe. Muahahahaha.

Oh dang! I'm too excited of eating just now, I forgot to snap a picture of it. Never mind. Next time when I make it, I'll take a picture & post it.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What a long long time ago...

...since I blogged! Wondering how bloggers have so many ideas to blog about. I wish I'm as creative as they are.

Many things happen around. Some good, some...not that bad actually. But, who's never had problems? Most of these problem are belong to my relatives & friends. Some are relationship dilemma, some are finance, some are too secret to be share here.

The newest problem so far is a boy & his love (I'm better not revealing their name). The story goes as, both of them have been together for a year-almost-two now, and this girl started to lose interest to this boy & she's started to treat her bf as friend only. But the boy still so in-love-with her. In the other hand, the girl has found another boy which she's somewhat fancy & she choose to be honest by telling her bf that she have this special feeling toward this 2nd boy. But because she knows that her bf still in-love-with her, she's too afraid of voicing out a break-up & she's not sure if she really in-love-with this 2nd guy. So, she's in a big dilemma now.

I know both of them quite a long time. And they are so perfectly together but sometime, things can get out of your own hands. Whatever it is, bless both of them & I'm there to help if they have any problem.

Enough with that, it's my turn for my problem. My only problem is, how can I stop my expression line on my forehead from deepen? My mummy & my cousin said, "This is because of your father. Your father have it too. Like father, like son!". I'm not blaming my papa & I should be proud of that because I heritage one of the many things from my papa in me but I'm too young to have that! Both of my brothers are older than me & they don't have it. I'd start using wrinkle & expression line reducing cream from now on.

And I'm so in mood of holiday. I have to keep reminding myself that I still have Final Exam on next week. I'm so lazy to study but for 2 days only, I'll study for that! But holiday are so boring. Sitting alone at home, doing nothing is not good. And holiday stops me from seeing the one I love. Oh..I want you to know that I miss you so much!

Wow! I think this is the longest post of all post I ever blogged. Even the most words of all post combine. Hahahaha. Joking. I'll try to blog more next time. But I'm not promise anything here. Good night, everybody!

BTW, Happy Malaysia Day! Finally, Sabah & Sarawak has been recognised as one of Malaysia, 47-year after Malaysia been formed. Should we proud of it?