Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Erm...another update?

Yeah, I should update my blog up-to-date but I'm seriously don't like to blog! Just some update here.

I just done with FCC(Theory) & HTM paper for my Final Exam. All of the sudden, I feel FCC is much more easier than HTM. But of course if not I fool myself with HTM tips during Study Week. I'm making easy things difficult. And I'm not proud about it! Now, focus on FCC(Application).

Then finally, I switch my Maxis number to DiGi. Actually, I feel a little bad when Maxis sent me this message, "We acknowledge that you request to switch. We're appreciate the time you using our service & we are ready to serve you again in the future!". I really do feel bad! Like I wanted to cry! I using Maxis since I'm was 14 plus few years from my dad. So maybe more than 6 years. But never mind, I am DiGi user now. So feel free to sms or call me & stop complaining about my number is too expensive ever again!

And Gossip Girl is rock! I am liking this drama a lot. I know it's a little weird I say that but who cares? I enjoy it!

Nothing more to update here. Wait until I have other idea or story!