Saturday, 25 June 2011

"This is what happen from 2008 - 2011"

Friendster: Woo-Hoo!!!! Best social network EVER!!!
Facebook: to use this shit?
Blogger: Okay...I will blog! What the fuck should I blog?

Friendster: Where's everyone? To Facebook?!
Facebook: Alright, this is fun!
Blogger: I GAVE UP!!!!
Twitter: What the fuck is that?

Friendster: Fuck you, Friendster! I moving on to Facebook!! You are toasted!!!
Facebook: OMFG!!!!!! This is the most addicting & best social network EVER!!!
Blogger: Hey...I can bullshit all of my shitty & awesome life's story here!!
Twitter: I will never get my hands on this social network! NEVER!!!

Facebook: It helps me to reunite with all of my friends & faraway family members.
Blogger: Still bullshitting everything here!! Post all of my awesome life's story!!
Twitter: Shit!!! I started late!! This is the best motherfucking social network EVER!!!!!! It is a combination of Facebook & Blogger. You can update you daily life & bulshitting in the same time!!!!!!! THIS IS ADDICTING!!!! Going to tweet about this!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"How do you handle adults that acted like a kid, mentally & emotionally?"

Last month, when I was having a dinner, someone I know came to me. An adult.

Mr. A: Eh...a chef, huh? When you want to cook steak for me ah?

Me: Steak? I never cook steak, not even for myself nor my family.

Mr. A: Then you cook lah, I eat!

Me: I try *walk away while giving him a WTF look*

Few days later, his wife calls

Mrs. A: Eh...that day did my A ask you to cook him steak?

Me: Yes, why?

Mrs. A: He don't like how you answer him!

Me: Okay...*so what?*

Woman: You don't need to be so disrespectful! You think you are a chef now & you can be so cocky? My A is mad & he don't like it!

Me: Really? Oh well, tell your man to FUCK OFF & FUCK YOU TOO!!!!! 

That is how I handle adults that acted like a kid, mentally & emotionally! 

Saturday, 18 June 2011

"On the road"

I drove on the open road for the first time on today. I have to say, IT'S KIND OF SCARY!!!! But just now was my first time driving on an open road, and I was doing great. Got a lot of praising from my motherfucker tutor. But as I said, just now was my first time on the road, the journey is not so damn perfect. My engine died twice & still haven't really get used with the clutch yet. 

I was having a good start at the first 15 minutes but when I was in the city, I was started to get a little bit panicky with all the cars around me. I was afraid of bumping their cars. But after for few minutes, driving gone smooth & better again. 

Other than going out for driving lesson for an hour just now, my aunt & cousin sister came to my house too. Remember the one I told you that from US, oh well, today was fun with them. Me & my cousin sister finally breaking the ice on today. We talked a lot, not much but fuck yeah, STILL A LOT!! And tomorrow they are coming for dinner. Another fun night for all of us.

I saw another nice face girl around noon just now
& that's all I'm going to tell!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Just for your request, I blog!"

So I finally went to the driving lesson on today. I have done all the road's laws, computer test & blah blah blah. But I drag it for almost a month later, which is today, until I started the driving lesson. Reason? Simple. All because of the RM. 

But choosing on today was right!! I got to met a cute girl!!! Yes!!!! Her name, Alisa, I'll remember that name. But the shit thing is, today will be her last day of driving lesson. So, I met her for the first time & the last time on the same day. Fuck it!

And, yes, driving might looks fun, it is fun anyway, but damn it, it's hard! You must have the most gentle feet to drive. You just cannot push the pedal all the way down when you are starting your car or else, it will jerk! Same goes with the brake. But then, my bad & hard arse motherfucker tutor gave some simple advices about driving to me.

Tutor: Um...even drive before?

Me: No!

Tutor: Not even once?

Me: No!

Tutor: Holy shit! We got a lot to learn & remember then!

Me: Oh...okay.

Tutor: Okay, this is how it's works lah. See the gears, clutch, foot's brake, hand's brake, throttle pedal, wiper, signals, horn, steering, rear mirror, side mirrors & everything lah, you need to control all of these. It seems a little bit too complicated & hard but let's make it this way. You are a chef, you cook. When you cooking, you are not only focusing on one thing only, right? You need to do seasoning, trimming, cooking, preparing the sauce, plating & you know what lah. So it is the same with driving. You cannot only focusing on one thing only. You cannot just focusing driving only, you need to focus the road, the peoples around, the cars. 

Me: Okay...right!

Tutor: Okay, let's practise.

*Doing all the simple things such as signalling, adjusting seat & blah blah blah*

Tutor: You seem like you know all the thing in the car! Then let's get moving & let you understand what driving is all about. You listen to me & drive, okay? You drive straight, then make corner to the left. We circle around this place.

*So. real driving starts. After 10 minutes later or around 20 rounds later*

Tutor: Did you lied to me ah?

Me: What?

Tutor: You told me you never drive.

Me: Yea!

Tutor: You drive like you are a license "P" holder.

Me: *weeeeee!!!!!* Um...thank you! *still weeeeee-ing!!!!!*

Tutor: Okay, park there. Tomorrow lesson, we are on the road. I mean the road. 

Me: What the fuck?!?!?!

Tutor: Oh yea, you prefer you driving from your house to the institute or from institute to your home?

Me: Can I not drive on the road?

Tutor: choice. The better you get off on the road, the better get used to it, get more comfortable & confident of driving. 

Me: Fine! *whatever!!*

I got to admit I love the way he compares driving with cooking, which is true! And by the way, my house is at Taman Mesra & the institute is at somewhere deep inside Bukit Padang. And I will be driving on Lintas road & Tun Fuad road. My lesson is around 10am. So if you are somewhere near, don't fucking get out for your house. I don't want to kill you!

So tomorrow is the real driving. If my car crash & burn, and if I die, tell Alisa


Monday, 13 June 2011

It's been awhile now...

...since my last post. Because of I'm have nothing to do at all & basically sitting at home all day, sleep at 1am, waking up on 11am, eat, watch Gordon Ramsay's TV shows on Youtube, go to pee pee & poo poo, bite my cousin sister & my mother then sleep & repeat everything again on the next day. I don't have anything excited to post about.

But lucky me, I still got sometime to get out of this house & do something useful. On...

29th - 31st of May: I went to Sandakan.

3rd of June: My aunt & her daughter cum my cousin sister come back to Malaysia from US after they last home 6 years ago. 

7th of June: My birthday. No celebration, I don't celebrate being one year older. But my best friend suggests me that I should celebrate it on next year, when I turn 21, as a celebrate of me being a man. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

12th of June: I went to the Gaya Street Sunday Market. First time after 2 years. Even though I studied at Gaya Street, being there almost everyday per week, I visited the Sunday Market less than 10 times. How shameful I am to be a KK-ian! Nothing much, bought some shallots, Kuih Cincin is a must & a sunglasses. 

I seriously need to talk more to my cousin sister or else I have to wait forever again until I see her again next time after she's going back her real home. But it has been awhile & we are completely not knowing what to talk about. I'll try my best!!