Friday, 28 January 2011

"I got featured!!!!"

I joined Sabahan Bloggers around, almost the end of December of last year, I think. It is a group where all the Sabahan can post their newly-updated blog post's link at the wall of the group, so that, other Sabahan can view it. Every-week, the creator of the group will randomly select some posts to be featured or in other words, "must-read post of the week".

So, it going to be fun to post one of your blog post there & let the others to view. I've posted my first ever post, on 22nd of Jan, to the group. I've posted "How to speak Sabah?".

5 days later, on a rainy afternoon, I receive a message in my Facebook inbox. This is what I got

MY POST GOT FEATURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first ever post & I got featured. Am I too good or what? MUAHAHAHAHA. This is the best bragging-rights for me now! 

I never had these much of views ever in my blogging begun. All within less than half-day. 
The power of Sabahan. Hahaha.
Oh yes, I am super-proud of myself. I am the one of the two persons I know that ever been featured since I've joined this group. That will be Shilla's. Thanks for everyone that viewed me & reblogged my post. All of you guys made my day!

Oh yes! This post is for bragging purpose only

Thursday, 27 January 2011

"The gayest thing an Asian guy can do is wearing a coloured contact lens! Especially the bright one"

                                                                              Be proud of your eyes colour, dude! 
Appreciate what your parents gave you!

Monday, 24 January 2011

"Just go with your heart"'s the deal, I am now in my final semester for my Diploma in Culinary Arts. The most important subject of this whole course is going to be Culinary Arts 1 & 2. CA 1 was easy, too easy (and I get an A for it. MUAHAHAHA). When it come to CA 2, things got a little bit different. The kitchen practical is easy, basically doing what I love to do the most, cooking. But the assignment for this subject is totally kick-ass. 

We have 10 different titles for all of us, who taking DCA with me. But we didn't had the chance to choose the title that we want to work on. The chef-in-charge choose it for us. 

1. Classic Cuisine
2. Modern Cuisine
3. Traditional Cuisine
4. American Cuisine
5. Mediterranean Cuisine
6. Healthy Cooking
7. Flavour of Asian Cuisine
8. Technique of Asian Cuisine
9. Influence of Asian Cuisine
10. TBA

Sorry for the 10th title. I've forgot about it. I get you back later. And guess which title I get. I get the Classic Cuisine. One of the most less favourite & hardest for me to work on. Seriously, I hope for something like Fusion Cuisine. I am more comfortable with Fusion cooking style.

But because I already got this title & absolutely no changing are allowed, I just keep my cool & accepted the challenge like a man. Yea, whatever! I've chosen Classic French Cuisine as my main title to do research on. The reason is simple, because French Cuisine is the mother of all Western Cuisine. So, I've done some simple research on Classic French & my jaw dropped! 

This is what I've got from the net;
"Earliest French Cooking started since Middle Ages".

Do you know when Middle Ages was? 5th Century -15th Century. And Classic French cooking continued but not until Chef Auguste Escoffier (The Father of Modern French Cuisine) improved & popularise French Cuisine. By the time he did that, it was the beginning of 20th Century. 

So, basically, I have roughly 15 Centuries of story to tell here. 1500 years of histories. How can I dig-out all of these? Even my father can't tell me the exact history of my grandfather 80 years ago. And I need to find all of these awesome chefs & cooking styles 1500 years ago? I got a lot of works to do!!

And here came these 2 special lady who I've complained at & give me some words to be consider & encouragement. The 1st one told me to go for it. She believe I can do it & she think it will be awesome if I can do French Cuisine because it can makes me have better & more understanding/knowledge in French Cuisine.

For this 2nd lady, she told me to "just go with your heart". My heart goes like "Go French!!" & my head, "you idiot! You really think you can get all of that infos???". So, I still have time to do my thinking. 

Thanks for both of you. Appreciate for every words of yours.

"Let's talk about what will you do when you are bored"

When you have nothing to do, you will get bored. When you get bored & just don't have anything to do, you either go for these 2 options, you sleep or you eat. 

Let's start with eat. When you eat too much, you might be fat. When you are fat, you might be these 2, you either be cutely chubby or just FAT!!

Let's start with FAT!! When you are fat, you might be ugly. When you are ugly, you feel yourself ugly! So, when you are ugly, you either go for these 2 options, you try hard to slim down or you become lack of confidence. 

Let's starts with lack of confidence. When you are lack of confidence, you will afraid to go out. When you afraid to go out, you will lock yourself in your room. When you lock yourself, you will become loner. When you become loner, you might be these 2, you get depress or you get crazy.

Let's start with get crazy. When you get crazy, you are crazy. When you are crazy, the peoples surround you might be these 2, they avoiding you or they hate you. But either ways, the result will be the same, you become crazier or you get more depress.

Let's talk about depress now. When you are depress, you will think about a solution of how to solve these problems. You will either go for these 2 options, talk to someone about your problem or doing stupid things.

Let's discuss about the stupid things you might do. You either go for this 3 options, you buy expensive not-work-really-well slimming pills, do drugs or killing yourself. 

Let's talk about doing drugs & killing yourself. The reason why we combine these 2 is because doing drugs = killing yourself. When you kill yourself, you will face these 2 problems, you are dead & your family will be sad. 

Let's talk about what will happens if you are dead. You will have these 2 options only. You either being homeless ghost on the street or not accepted in Heaven & go straight to Hell.

So, when you are bored, why don't you just go to sleep & have a wonderful sweet dream? But remember boys & girls, sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells.

Make your choice...


Sunday, 23 January 2011

"How to speak Sabah?"

It's been AWHILE now since the laaaaaaaaast time I've posted the rules of "How to speak Sabah?". I've stopped posting it because I was dried-up with ideas. So, try to relive some of your memories, here's all the previous posts I ever posted on Facebook. 

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 1: You understand what, how, when to use the word "Bah".

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 2: You understand what, why we suddenly shout, "Aramaiti!".

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 3: You understand what, why we say "limpas" when you block our way.

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 4: You know "Buduh" in Sabah is not the Fish Sauce from Kelantan.

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 5: When we were kid, we like to play "bubut-bubut"!

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 6: We hate "giuk" in our mango!

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 7: You know how "Sabah" got its name.

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 8: You must have a mouth! I know what you want to say. "Palui", right?

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 9: When we were kid, we're not only like to play "bubut-bubut" but also "tapuk-tapuk"!

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 10: No, no, no! "Pigi" is not an animal!

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 11: Don't get bother about us. We are just "sakai"!

How to speak Sabah? Rule No. 12: WE LOVE "BAMBANGAN"!

How to speak Sabah? Rule No 13: In Sabah, we know "tarap" can be eaten by human. Only in Semenanjung, they thought "tarap" is only for monkeys

How to speak Sabah? Rule No 14: Sabahan "sumandak" is the BEST!!!

How to speak Sabah? Rule No 15: "Matai"! The oil price goes up again!!!

These are all the posts I managed to thought of & posted at that time, last year to be exact. I have to say, all of these posts were quite popular during their time on my Facebook. I am proud of myself until now when I read all of these again (HAHAHAHA). 

Whatever it is, I have few words that I know will be great to share it but I need to think of a sentence to bring out the real meaning & funniness of the words. So, just wait & keep waiting....

*All of these were think & written by me. If you think I copied these from somewhere, you're suck! Well, only Rule No. 13 was from someone, and she's sooooo willing to let me copy her idea. Thanks to this person!*

Monday, 17 January 2011

"Your true-self revealed!"

I've tried "Personal DNA"

Actually I saw this this from Sarah's Facebook. She posted this on her profile with caption "Kinda true. Scary". So, curiosity & boredom struck, I gave it a try. After finishing the test, my personal DNA report was out. Like what Sarah has said, it really do scarily true.  

This is what I've got: Benevolent Inventor.

"You have the confidence to make your visions into reality, and you are willing to consider many alternatives to get that done", "You're not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you're generally considerate of others' feelings as well" & "You spend a lot of time taking care of others, but don't forget to take care of yourself!"

And you can read the rest yourself. For me, almost all of the report are true for me. But I don't know how the others might think. You have to know me for a long time or willing sit down with me & talk to me to understand the report. 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

"My style of music since I have memory until now"

I think this can be really fun to share it here. Well, sharing is caring, right? You can consider this as a game too if you want to. Feel free to copy this idea and post it on your place if you willing to share this to the others. 

OK...this is how it's work. List down the first ever genre/s or type/s of music you used to listened to then the transition of the genre/s from time-to-time or age-to-age. You may include the name of the band or the name of the song too if you are not sure what the genre of the music is. Start from the time you have memory until now.

3 to 10-year-old: 
I was grown up with the Oldies music. It's from my father. I listened to the great bands/singers like The Beatles, Bee Gees, ABBA, Boney M, The Carpenter, John Denver, Donny & Marie Osmond and so much more. The first song I've memorised the whole thing was "More Than I Can Say", Leo Sayer version.

I was first exposed to Rap. I knew a Taiwanese's rappers group named "Ma-chi"(wish they were still doing music together) from TV.

12 to 13-year-old:
Got more into Rap. Started to listened to Too Phat and Eninem.

I'll name this age as the start of Rock music for me. I was first introduced to Skinhead music (but still not really into rock yet). Near the end of that year, I have fell-in-love to a band named System of a Down. They've just released their 4th and 5th album at that time and I was totally addicted to them.

System of a Down drugged me with the songs! Their styles of music are Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative Metal and Experimental (the style that actually makes them good).

Got more into Rock, I turned into something heavier. I listened to the Metal, all type of it. You name it, I love it. Heavy, Trash, Speed, Death, Black (I listened to Black Metal because I think their singing style was funny!), Industrial, Nu and few more that I couldn't identified. Also around this time, I was introduced to Slipknot and Metallica, as well as Static-X, Breaking Benjamin, Fireflight, Green Day, Korn, Love Me Butch, Disagree, Marilyn Manson and many more (happened around 14-16-year-old). 

I got into a band. And my band-mates have chosen Indonesian songs as our style. They've introduced me to some new-age Indonesian music and also old-school Malay music like Search, Wings, Alley Cats, P. Ramlee., Spring, Jinbara, Krystal, Dewa 19 and few more. The starts of "Jiwang Karat + Rock Kapak" era. 

Still stuck with
"Jiwang Karat + Rock Kapak" plus all the rock music I mentioned above. 

After years of heavy stuffs, I've moved to softer music and reviving the Oldies. Introduced to Acoustic, Folk, Reggae, Black music and some more. Musician like Lady Antebellum, Yuna, Zee Avi, Matisyahu (a great reggae singer + beat-boxer but sadly, almost all of the Malaysian don't know this person because he is a Jews. His music never reaches here. But he isn’t like any other Jews like we know. He's a born-again Jews from America. 2 years ago, he works together with a Muslim beat-boxer, Kenny Muhammad, for a live beat-boxing concert).

Basically, I cover every type of genres above but a little bit more on Oldies. 

Of all the genres I ever listened to, my favourite of all time will be System of a Down. Because they are the band that changed my style completely. How about Oldies? Don't worry. I love all of them especially The Beatles and Bee Gees. Because I grew up with their musics. My greatest childhood memories!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ain't got no/I've Got Life - Nina Sinmone

By the way, I am very stuck with myself now. I want to make 1 short-story done but I have too many ideas going around & don't know which one to focus on. I actually "X" few of my stories, that only need me to conclude it. Once I don't feel right with it, I will abandon them until I feel right to get them back.

And I was so freak-out just now when I logged in to my Facebook. I receive a "threat'' from.....Mark Zukerberg's management team(????)

They want(force) me to update my profile into their (awfully)newly-(stupidly)designed-(not cool)profile-(rubbish)layout. Some people already got their changed, but some, like me, didn't. So now, I think, it is my time to enter into the new (not cool)profile-(rubbish)layout era.


Friday, 7 January 2011

"Beauty is pain!"

So, I went to Megalong at noon...for the first time. But before that, let's talk about a movie I watched on yesterday first.

I watched "Repo Men". It's a 2010 movie, adapted from a novel, "Repossession Mambo", by Eric Garcia (no idea who he is). The story began in year 2025, a corporation called "The Union" has perfected the creation of bio-mechanical organ for the people who need. So, if you need any organ, they will offer you a contract of buying their organ. But they didn't told their customer that if they failed to pay 3-month instalment, they will sent a "repo-man" to their house to reclaim the organ. The process of repossession almost always resulted the death of the customer.

This movie were starred by Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Liev Schreiber & many more. Erm...this movie is not made for weak-stomach because for all the brutal scene & blood, but if you are infected to food-poisoning now, watch it! Because since you are already vomiting all day long, so, why waste the chance?

Nice movie. Watched on Thursday, ended in Friday. If you like blood + action & excitement, watch this! 4 out of 5

And now, let's talk about what have happened on today. I went to Megalong, Donggongong for the first time with my mum & her friend. They off to shop, I walked around alone. My first impression, "Hmm...not bad. A little bit empty. Start walking around. *Few minutes later* My second impression, "Megalong is a failure!!". Ground floor was OK, at least filled with shops & peoples. 1st floor & 2nd floors, yes, there's shops but where the hell are all the peoples? It's super empty! And of all the toilets there, only one was available. The rest, "Tandas rosak! Sila naik ke tingkat 2. Terima kasih". I almost piss my own pants while searching for the "available" toilet at 2nd floor. Then I went to 5th floor via lift to take a look of the cinema & you know what, I was lost! There's only one lift that can go to the cinema. I ended-up using the wrong lift. I have to walked like 1 KM through the parking lot before reaching the cinema. 

OK...forget about the lift thing. With high hope, I entered the cinema lobby. I think the staffs at the cinema were trying to making a joke or April's fool prank on me. THE CINEMA HAVE NO PEOPLE AT ALL!! NOT EVEN GHOST!!!!! What the hell is happening???? I don't know! So, I went down to 1st floor...again. Saw a clothing shop as big as my house & my neighbour's house combined. Also with high hope, hoping there must be a section with a lot of man's clothes for me to choose from. And I think the staffs there were trying to make April's fool prank on January too. There's like 5000 of shirts, jeans, dresses, skirts & other girl's stuffs. So, how about the guys? Located at the lonely & pathetic tiny little corner with only less than 10 shirts to choose. All the shirts were ugly & tasteless & cost around RM60 per piece. Go fuck yourself up! And I found another shop, yes, I did! More shirts to choose but I think the staffs there were trying to do what the previous two did. ALL THE SHIRTS WERE RED IN COLOUR!!! 

And I think I should stop here. I can feel my blood are raising now. I don't care if you like Megalong but for me, I will never step my foot in that mall ever again. But if girls want to buy dress, go there. I recommend it to you girls. There is one shoe shop where they sells all the shoes & heels RM19.90 & most of the shoes are nice (the only thing I found was nice but I can't buy!). But shoe size are limited.

Lesson of the week: "Beauty is pain. Yes, I believe in it now!"

Sunday, 2 January 2011

"Rest in peace, little birdie!"

Oh...remember the bird I told you on yesterday's post. It died...huhuhuhuhuhu. It passed away around 2-3pm just now. C.O.D: Not sure but believe because of the injury on its neck. So, this is another win for my cat. Meow Meow - 327, Bird - 1. 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

"Happy MMXI!!!"

Can't believe, it's 2011 now. Actually, I'm quite disappointed because I didn't manage to post one last post of 2010 on yesterday because I was busy since I woke up & right after, I went-out with my high school friends. But no one will give a damn for the last post of mine...huhuhu. But I managed to do one thing, make a wish before the end of 2010. Did you make your wish?

OK...cut the crap! Yesterday I went-out with my friends to celebrate & countdown for New Year. They are seven of us including me, Sarah, Fakhri, Amat, Khairi, Ashilla & her friend (we still not sure his identity yet. Hahaha). Our meet-up point is Suria Sabah. After we all gathered, we have no idea at all what to do, so, we "tawaf" the complex. And quite sometimes later, finally we made up some idea which were we will buy some food & snacks & go picnic at Sutera Harbour Resort. So, we split up & hunt for food. We bought a box of Big Apple doughnuts, some snacks & some drinks. But sadly, Ashilla & her friend couldn't join us for the celebration because of Ashilla has her own activity later. And left the 5 of us. We went to (Siti Nur)Rihanna's restaurant at Harbour City to have our dinner. We sit there for more than 2 hours chatting, joking, laughing, gossiping & talking bad of almost all of our ex-high school teachers. Hahaha. So sorry to all the teachers. And because no other girl than Sarah, she wanted to go home but we do whatever we need just to keep her with us. The only way is to get another girl out to keep Sarah accompany. Finally, Khairi managed to ask his soon-to-be sister-in-law, Azu, out & Sarah decided to stay back with us (YES!!!!!!). 

So, we went to Sutera Harbour to do countdown & watching the beautiful fireworks but the problem was, the place we stayed was not the most strategic place ever. We barely see the fireworks but we still manage to see some. After the fireworks, pictures taking, we find a place to eat all the food, snacks & drinks up. We continue on gossiping, trash-talking, joking, more picture taking & everyone were tired & sleepy, so, we went home. 

The first Group Photo. L-R: Sarah, Ashilla, Ashilla's friend, Fakhri, Me, Khairi, Amat.
While we been "jampi(?)" for a good year of 2011. Haha.
Fireworks!! Not the fullest version. 
After the fireworks is eating time. 
The second Group Photo & the last picture of the day. L-R: Azu, me, Fakhri, Sarah, Khairi, Amat.

The first picture was taken at Big Apple & the rest was at Sutera Harbour. This is the greatest New Year celebration I ever had. It will be funner if more people can join but what the heck, we rock-out the night. I just have one simple wish for all of us, we should go together more often this year. We actually only met twice on last year. College starts soon, good luck everyone except for Azu & Khairi because they just finished their STPM & SPM. But good luck in finding some activity to do before you guys bored to death.

That was what happened on the last day of 2010 & a young few hours of 2011. Now, let's talk about what happen on New Year's day. I woke up, turned on my laptop & logged in to my Facebook to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Just sent the wishes to some person I really know or close. So, if you get my wish, you are lucky. Hahaha. Then right after all the wishes has sent, I helped my papa to paint the internal of my house. Manage to finish it all within 4-5 hours.

Happy MMXI!! If you want to know what MMXI mean, ask me!
New Year's bird!!

And the pic above was the bird I found during the painting work. Well, it actually my cat who "found" it first. But then, I was the second who found(save) it. When a cat "found" a bird, you won't expect the bird in really good shape. But the bird survived!! It was too scared to fly, so, I decided to keep it for awhile until it calm down before I let it go but sadly some of its feathers have fell off. It can't fly for now. That's mean I have to keep it for a little bit longer until it fully recover. This is like the 328th bird under my cat's bird hunting tally. So far, only 2 survived the hunt & this is one of them.

Then later at night, I went-out with my parents to have dinner, went to Servey Penampang to buy some household needs then home & finish this post. This post should be posted earlier but because of the awesomeness of my internet connection, everything got stuck. But luckily I manage to post this before the end of 1st of Jan. And lastly, Happy New Year everyone! Ready for 2011?